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The average comments, while not detrimental in themselves, do not present the impression that the employee "stands out" among his/her peers. SRs must tailor comments to the employee being rated and the overall impression they wish to convey 2014-11-07 · If rater has locked his/her block check, senior rater must request HRC Evaluations Branch unlock and recalculate the rater’s profile before the OER can be deleted (covered under “Unlock Rater Performance Block Check / Profile”). Raters and Senior Raters SHOULD comment on the rated officer’s abilities to execute mission command in their narrative comments. Mission command calls for leaders with the ability to build a collaborative environment, the commitment to develop subordinates, the courage to trust, the confidence to delegate, the patience to overcome adversity, and the restraint to allow lower echelons to develop the situation Senior Rater Comments .

Oer senior rater comments

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Technically and tactically proficient; discharges duties with. complete professionalism . Soldier oriented NCO . Assign this Sergeant to teach future leaders; West Point, Senior Rater Potential Evaluation (SRPE) Senior Rater (SR) Desk Guide 1 | Page SEPTEMBER 2015. WHO: All GS12 and above Army Acquisition Workforce (AAW) civilian members . WHAT: The SRPE is a tool to evaluate the potential of AAW civilian employees in designated oer support form and oer vignette – cpt vo . situation.

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Hoping to confirm my suspicion that this is a weak OER. "1LT xxxxx rates in the top half of Platoon Leaders that I senior rate. He Senior Rater Comments .

Oer senior rater comments

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Oer senior rater comments

Assign this Sergeant to teach future leaders Evaluation Report (OER) designed for better accuracy in evaluating an officer’s potential where the senior rater has the sole responsibility to assess and document a subordinate’s potential. This research will look at how the Army mandates senior rater responsibilities for assessing and documenting the potential of an officer using the OER. DA Form 67-9-1, OER Support Form. DA Form 67-9-1a, Part VII: (Senior Rater Comments) Evaluate Rated Officer’s Promotion Potential to the next higher grade. Good afternoon, sir. I was reaching out to inquire about methods for rebutting a senior rater evaluation block and comments for my OER. I am a 1LT(P) and received an Excels from my rater with outstand … read more I am sorry you are receiving this depressing type of OER. I can anticipate that your question is what can you do about it?

Oer senior rater comments

Senior Rater NCOER Bullet Comments.
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Oer senior rater comments

Do your job! It’s really that simple. What are your thoughts? page. The Army has years of experience perfecting and documenting senior rater comments on the Officer Evaluation Report. Since the SRPE is patterned after the military process, use of this The rater bullets could have had another sentence or two to make it longer.

Just make sure that you provide ACCURATE comments on the OER. Hold people accountable. Reward the studs and punish the duds. Do your job! It’s really that simple. What are your thoughts? page.
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Oer senior rater comments

PREPARE AN OER SUPPORT FORM USING THE INFORMATION BELOW. ONCE YOU HAVE SENIOR RATER COMMENTS ON POTENTIAL . CPT X’s potential ranks among the top 26 Company Commanders I currently Senior Rate, and in the top Senior Rater Box Check • No Rater “ box ch. eck” • Rater narrative comments focusedon performance and potential • Change Box Check Terminology and option of 24% and 25 - 49% limits (more restrictivethan current system) • Moreclearlyidentifiesthe best comparedto current system • Requires restartof COLpopulation • Senior Rater Comments in the senior rater box include comments: • When the senior rater has not been in the position the minimum number of days necessary to evaluate the rated NCO, he or she will enter the following statement in part V, block b: “I am unable to evaluate the rated NCO because I have not been the senior rater for the required number of days.” First OER senior rater comments. Hoping to confirm my suspicion that this is a weak OER. "1LT xxxxx rates in the top half of Platoon Leaders that I senior rate.

When you are writing OER Rater Bullets and Comments yourself, make sure to use the right words. Be as specific as possible and use numbers, percentages, and whatever specific achievements you can find. This is a lot better than doing a generic OER. SGT Newberry is ranked 2 of 4 Sergeants I senior rate. His dedication to duty and professionalism truly enabled the company to succeed. SGT Newberry's adaptiveness, resiliency, attention to detail, and quality of work will allow him to succeed in any position assigned.
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Learn what you should includ −Rater • Bullet comments (SGT-1SG/MSG) • Narrative comments (CSM/SGM) −Senior rater – narrative comments for all NCOs Supplementary reviewer required when the senior rater is a 2LT-1LT, WO1-CW2, or SFC-1SG/MSG; in certain situations (i.e., no uniformed Army-designated rating officials, senior rater or someone [toggle title="Kitbag: Click Here to Open/Close" state="closed"]•Per DA PAM 623- 3, Senior raters comment on the rated NCO's POTENTIAL, and comments are  Senior Raters decide how to assess and use of Most Qualified Based upon potential. Write well – quantify and qualify in narrative; correspond comments with box  Advocate your best to senior rater -- Remember senior rater is limited to the number Potential Comments in narrative (VIIc), Three Future Assignments and Career Senior Rater in Part VIId are mandatory for ACC CPT thru LTC on the 15. SUBJECT TERMS. US Army, OER, NCOER, Evaluations rendered by the rater and senior rater to ensure their comments (bullets) are clear, consistent,. This page is about Sample OER Senior Rater Comments,contains Ncoer change of rater example,An Evaluation Philosophy,Oer support form example  It will very ease you to look guide ncoer senior rater bullets guidelines as you Senior Rater NCOER Bullet Comments. Military Evaluation (OER & NCOER).

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Part V.b – No potential comments (Mandatory) Part V.c – Raters consistently put potential comments. Part VII.d. – No recommended Career Field 2019-05-28 · That wisdom served me well – or at least gave me a cynic’s eye – a few years later when a senior rater tried to pass off as something special an average evaluation that was weaved together with empty laudatory comments.